So I went back

To where?

Warm & Glad of course. Last time I spent my morning here I had forgotten my camera. But not this time.

W&G is nice mix of good food, trendy groceries, art and soft people. It is ideal if you want to work somewhere else than your office (or from home). ALOT of sockets for your laptop YEAY!

Oh and I nearly forgot, the bathroom is definitely my style, you should check it out…







Well, you can’t really see the painting/poster. But I like the photo…



2 thoughts on “So I went back

  1. Grotski says:

    Really like the last black and white, its got a slight voyeurish feel to it though, what with the blurred foreground object and the angle.

  2. gabion12th says:

    Hi Grotski,

    I just saw a beautiful woman and I wanted to take her picture. I was taking a picture of the flower and found her in the foreground (the picture above the BW). The angel, I know 🙂 Everytime I take pictures I angel the object. I really try hard not to but it is like a stronger force. Some photos turns out pretty ok though.

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