Impala or Marilyn Monroe?

Mixing is the challenge. Finding solutions that links different styles together and creates a nice balance. When you succeed you will give your home a soul, not just a style.

When Fabio started hunting and all the trophies began to pile up, I thought – over my dead body. First I tried to influence the “source”. In short, convince Fabio not to make any more trophies. He went as far as promising that the upcoming hunt would only result in meat. Yea right! When I had a happy and enthusiastic hunter on the phone, I realized that I just lost.

First Fabio got his own room, where he could do whatever he wanted. Within a few days it was cluttered with hides and trophies until there was no free space left. Then he started to walk around and glance at the beautiful white walls in our living room. I quickly realized that we had to find a compromise. To be fair, Fabio was just as proud of his Impala trophy, as I was over my Marylin Monroe poster.

It might be less controversial to have a Marylin gazing down on our dinner guests, than a big Kudu. However, we have not had any dinner guest who refused our good meat …

After a quick discussion, we came to the conclusion that the small impala trophy (first  animal Fabio shot on African soil) would get a place of honor in the living room. An impala skin is decorating the Barcelona chair with matching horns above on the wall. I managed to keep the Kudu away and no buffalo is ever going to hang over the sofa.

The rest is a mix of IkeaSvensk Tenn, Nordic Design, antique furniture and art from local artists (Glen Josselsohn & Dumisani Sibisi  etc.).  We have been blessed with a landlord who has good taste and installed Art Deco lamps throughout the house.

Dare to mix! 

It is beautiful with strict balanced home, but where’s the charm?
Oh and do not forget the details, it can make all the difference.


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