Do you have a hippo in your pool?

I made myself a small festive dinner yesterday, with only leftovers. Pasta from two days ago, zebra from the braai yesterday and finally spinach and rocket salad from the garden.

While eating my dinner I listened to my favourite radio channel, Talk 702. As the evening news where coming to an end, the speaker informes us that the hippo that was found stuck in a pool in Limpopo, is now rescued and is going to survive without any injuries.

This is everyday news in Africa, just love this place.


2 thoughts on “Do you have a hippo in your pool?

  1. Jenny says:

    There were no less than 2 hippos on the loose in SA Gabs, one in Limpopo who did unfortunately die before they could get him out of the pool, as well as another one in the Cape that was maurauding gardens who is apparently fine in a wetland reserve.

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