Construction = Art

I was at a construction site on monday. There is something magical about construction sites. Everyone is working with their own particular task but they are all linked. It is a precise schedule and every piece of the puzzle must be in place at the exact right time.

The building is slowly taking it’s final shape, and I am always fascinated that everything works out. The windows ends up where they should (according to drawing), and the electrical outlets and pipes seems to have found their places.

In addition to the actual construction, there is one more thing that you find at a construction site … good photo opportunities.

Maybe because you see things that are usually hidden. A naked pipe, a scaffold which looks like a skeleton. Old cans and planks thrown in piles. Through the camera lens, it can become crazy stylish patterns and color combinations.

This reminds me of a photo exhibition I went to a few years ago, where someone had taken photos of shipping containers. They were stacked on top of each other and the different colors were forming beautiful patterns. Unfortunately I don’t remember who the photographer was.

This is just one picture I found on the web. But it gives you an idea. Give me a port and I will go crazy 🙂

So keep in mind … if you are renovating or rebuilding your house. Take the opportunity to take some pictures. If you don’t feel that the pictures are anywhere close to be framed and hanged in the living room … at least you will have a nice memory “Before and After”


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